Thermoplastics and Rubber

Polyethylene has been crosslinked for many years by a number of methods.

Traditional application of this process was for power cables. The use of Silane chemistry results in the most flexible and economical process for crosslinking of Polyethylene and the evolution of this technology has opened many new opportunities for crosslinked polymers such as the replacement of metals in many applications such as insulation, pipes, mouldings etc.

Silane coupling agents have been shown to improve the physical properties and pigment dispersion of most mineral filled thermoplastics as well as provide protection under water-immersion conditions. In addition, silane processing-aids are widely used to improve plastics rhelogy thereby improving throughput and surface characteristics.

Mercapto-based Organosilanes are a vital component in the modern car tyre and in industrial rubbers where mineral fillers are replacing carbon black. Such systems are also used in industrial rubbers to achieve superior performance.

Polycaprolactone polymers function exceptionally well in plastics compounding due to their excellent compatibility with a wide range of polymers. In addition, their sharp, relatively low melting point makes them useful materials for orthopaedic splints and other bio-friendly applications.

High purity microcrystalline silicas supplies inertness, uniformity and improved heat-resistance, at low cost, to thermoplastics. In silicone rubbers and PU rubbers, microcrystalline silica is excellent reinforcing filler, while it is dielectric and is compatible with colloidal silicas.

Cellulose fibres are finding good application in filling and reinforcing plastic and rubber compounds. Recreational surfaces and seating is a common application.


Products Available from Southern Chemicals include:

  • Liquid silane crosslinking systems (Monosil)
  • Dry-silane crosslinking master batches
  • Organosilane coupling agents
  • Organosilane processing aids
  • Caprolactone Polymer master-batch carriers
  • EPDM Rubber
  • Microcrystalline Silica
  • Cellulose reinforcing fibres
  • Release agents
  • Crosslinkable Polyethylene powders for rotomoulding