Thermosets and Composites

Southern Chemicals supplies a variety of additives, fillers and density-reduction agents that improve the physical properties of fibreglass and other composite systems.


Organosilane coupling agents improves a number of properties in mineral-filled composites based on thermoset resins. Maximum increases in composite strength are obtained when the functionality of the coupling agent matches the polymer functionality. Newly developed silane coupling agents also improve processing properties such as resin/filler wet-out and filled resin viscosity.

Specialized plastics additives and polymer modifiers are critical to the production of advanced composite materials. These materials provide essential mechanical, thermal and flame-retardant properties to next-generation composites. Applications are diverse and include pipes, building materials (artificial marble), abrasives and friction materials such as brake linings.

Southern Chemicals also supplies the composites industry with hollow glass spheres as density-reduction agents, cellulose fibres that increase strength and volume, silica fillers, amine hardeners for epoxy systems and reactive diluents for viscosity reduction.

New additions to our portfolio include a range of phthalate-free plasticisers, acetal acetone (2,4 pentane-dione), analines and toluidines.

  • Organosilane coupling agents
  • Organosilane crosslinkers
  • Organosilane adhesion promoters
  • Nonyl phenol
  • Amine hardeners and calalysts
  • Analine and toluidine accelerators
  • Polymeric plasticisers (reactive)
  • Epoxy accelerators
  • Epoxy plasticisers
  • Cellulose Reinforcing fibre
  • Silica fillers
  • Fumed silica thixotropic agents
  • Glass microspheres for density reduction
  • Phenolic resins