Agrochemical and Agriculture

Herbicides and pesticides require specialised environmentally friendly adjuvents to enhance the spreading and wetting of the actives for a multitude of crops while silicone antifoams are necessary to control foam during formulation or at the tank-side.

  • Silicone copolymer adjuvents
  • Silicone copolymer spreader / sticker
  • Polycaprolactones polymers for biodegradeable films
  • Silicone copolymer emulsifiers
  • Silicone copolymer wetting agent
  • Silicone copolymer defoamers
  • Polyalkylene glycol antifoams
  • Dimethicone copolyol anticaking additive
  • Dimethicone copolyol dispersants
  • Resin Carriers for actives
  • Biodegradably film resins
  • Solvent carriers (NMP, NOP, DMSO)
  • Green solvents