Adhesives and Sealants


Southern Chemicals (Pty) LTD supplies resins, fillers, fibres and additives into the adhesive and sealants .


Vinyl Copolymer resins offer low toxicity (FDA), good metal adhesion and excellent heat-seal properties, while Polycaprolactone polymers provide low-temperature bonding in hot-melts. Phenoxy resins find wide utility in heat seal, hot-melt and structural adhesives.

Fibers and Fillers

Cellulose fibres are preferred as reinforcers and thickeners in many applications where asbestos fibres were previously used, while fumed silica is widely used as a thixotrope. Microcrystalline silicas are effective elastomer extenders, requiring less power consumption for mixing equipment and fumed silica is used in adhesives and sealants as a reinforcing and thixotropic agent.


Adhesive and sealant manufacturers use Organosilanes to enhance the adhesion performance of many adhesives, sealants and caulks; to provide an effective curing mechanism; to improve the physical and mechanical properties in filled or reinforced systems. Organosilanes have been used in solvent-based adhesives and sealants, and, recent advances in silane technology allow their use in waterborne applications.

Silicone copolymers are used as flow modifiers and compatibilising agents in many adhesives and sealant formulations.

Speciality Plasticisers and Solvents

Benzoate ester plasticisers are used in the manufacture of PVoH adhesives where the adhesive needs to be phthalate-free. These Methyl Fromate products are suitable for both water and solvent borne systems. Speciality solvents include Tetrahydrofuran (THF), 1,4 Butanediol and Methyl Fromate while methylene chloride is also available.

  • Vinyl Copolymer resins for heat-seal/foil laminates and PVC weld
  • Polycaprolactone polymers for hotmelt adhesives
  • Solvents such as THF and BDO
  • Phenoxy resin modifiers
  • Benzoate ester plasticiser
  • Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) Resins
  • Silane adhesion promoters and primers
  • Silane crosslinkers
  • Silicone copolymer wetting and spreading additives
  • Cellulose fibre filler, reinforcer and thixotrope
  • Microspheres for density reduction
  • Silica fillers
  • Polyalkylene Glycols (PAG) for w/b tail tie adhesives
  • Alkyl alkanolamine neutralisers for w/b systems